Sanitizing Company Milwaukee

We offer full service cleaning and sanitizing of any areas in need. As of right now it is a must to combat sicknesses coming our way. The best way to do that is with a professional company trained in large scale sanitation . Our team will come out and sanitize the corona virus quickly with EPA approved Cleaning agents.

If you think you have been exposed or your home or business have been exposed don’t wait to call. We are offering same day cleaning right now.

Shopping Cart Cleaning- Sanitizing shopping carts is a very essential cleaning need right now. With groceries stores being so full right now the amount of people touching carts can spread the virus quickly.

Cleaning play ground equipment- We treat the playground , benches and all the surrounding surfaces to kill all virus’s and all other organisms to make it safe to play again.

Sanitizing food service equipment- our food safe cleaners can treat all areas where people eat, where you cook and all other places where people reside

Our cleaning crew can help you get back to business safely.

Call us for a free estimate on all of your cleaning needs.

Certified in sanitizing and disinfecting.


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